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Mid-Week Happenings

This week has been very exciting for the students.  We have been focusing on the story of Noah during our religion lessons.  The kids have been really interested and answering questions with great enthusiasm!  We played an animal game on Monday and Tuesday I hid a cardboard “Noah” in our classroom.  The kids are trying to find him!  So far, only 4 students have spotted our animal-loving friend.  They think it’s fun to play hide and seek with Noah.

In Chapel today, we focused on the Second Commandment…Thou Shall Not Misuse the Name of God.  We also practiced some familiar songs:  “Praise Him, Praise Him” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

Because we are focusing on apples in science this week, we used some apples to measure, weigh, predict sink/float, and DISSECT!  We did the dissection because we predicted how many seeds were in each apple and had to find out the ACTUAL number of seeds.  The students got a very serious talk on the usage of butter knives in the classroom.  After we were clear on how to cut the apples, they used a lot of muscle and grit to get to the core of their apples.  They soon realized that it was no easy feat!   Each student went at his or her apple a different way.  They picked the seeds out and then saved the rest of the apple to use later for making juice.  A grand time was had by all!  The kids are quickly learning that science can be FUN!




Look What We Have!!


The Reading Loft!!

When I first learned that I would be teaching Kindergarten and First Grade, I knew exactly how I wanted my classroom to look. I wanted brown walls with purple and green as accent colors; I wanted lots of colors; I wanted lots of books; I wanted the best learning environment I could think of for my students. My vision included a “lofty” dream and it has finally come true!

A HUGE THANK YOU to my father-in-law, Dick Schroeder for crafting such a wonderful loft for our classroom.  It is sooo BEAUTIFUL and COZY!  The students were so eager and excited to READ today that they couldn’t stay away.  During reading time and”DEAR” time (Drop Everything And Read) after lunch, they all wanted a chance to go into the loft to READ!!!  Even if they didn’t go on top, they wanted to be underneath.

Instilling a love of learning early in a child’s education is very important to me.  I hope that the positive memories of reading in the loft will stick with the kids for many years to come.  There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book!


The Week Behind and the Week Ahead

Last Friday, we wrapped up our week with some more fun science activities.  Since we were learning about seeds, we thought it would be fun to do 2 final seed activities.  For the first activity, the students hypothesized about what a pinto bean seed would look like on the inside.  On one side of a piece of paper, they drew a picture of what they thought the bean would look like.  They then dissected beans VERY CAREFULLY and were excited to find that their drawings were pretty close!  On the other side of the paper, they drew what the beans actually looked like.


Doing the dissection was so much fun that once the experiment was over, EVERY student wanted to do it again!


Soaking the beans first made it easier to get them apart.



The students were eager to get to work!

For our second science activity, we planted marigold seeds.  Hopefully these will sprout in time to observe next week.  Our theme for next week is “plants,” so if all goes as planned, we will have some actual plants to use!


Our science table covered with all kinds of learning materials!

Spelling words (first grade only) for next week:

  1. to
  2. in
  3. is
  4. you
  5. man
  6. can
  7. ran
  8. pan
  9. Jesus
  10. Christ

Bible Memory Verse

Chirst Jesus came into the world to save sinners. 1 Timothy 1:15

Make sure that when you practice Spelling Words with your child that you stress that they should always use lowercase letters unless it is indicated that they are capital.

Spelling tests are on Friday for first graders only.  Reciting memory verses is on Friday for all students.

A Tour of K-1

Welcome to our K-1 classroom!  If you haven’t had a chance to come check us out in person, here is a quick virtual tour!


This is our cozy classroom library, full of fun stories.


The science table and play area see plenty of action throughout the day!


The group area is used during the day for the Morning Meeting, calendar time, Religion, Social Studies, and other activities.

Our class has 12 students currently enrolled: 6 kindergarteners and 6 first graders.

A day full of SPECIALS!!

Today was a very exciting day!  Our class got to do 4 “specials” today!  “Specials” are subjects that we only do on Tuesday and Thursday that are different than our daily learning. We had PE, Computers, World Languages, and Art!  On Thursdays, we will have PE, Computers, World Languages, and Music instead of Art.  These “specials” will continue throughout the school year and expand our learning.  Today was full of fun and energy, but we also did all kinds of learning! (It was fun for the teachers too!)

During World Languages (taught by yours truly), the students were introduced to Japanese!  We will continue with Japanese until the end of the month.  Today, we focused on numbers 1-10 and colors.  The students really got into learning and were bopping along with the music we used to reinforce our learning.  It was so heartwarming, as a teacher, to see students soaking in information and having fun at the same time.  The Lord has really blessed us with a great group of learners this year!



Aka is the Japanese word for red.


Ao, the Japanese word for blue, was the FAVORITE word of the day! It is pronounced “ow.”

Another highlight of the day was our science project.  Following with the week’s theme of “seeds,” we decided that we would put together a Chia Pet!  We talked about how the chia seeds grow on the porous clay and it will soon be growing without soil.  We also discussed how chia seeds hold up to 10 times their weight in water and are very good for our health.  After our Chia Pet was planted, we guessed how long it would take before it would sprout and start turning green.  Guesses ranged from 1-8 days.  Stay tuned for results!


Chia Scooby Doo has taken up residence in our classroom! His gray hair will soon turn GREEN!


The students noticed that our learning has poured out into the hallways. Hearing them practice their Japanese words when they walk by the lockers is music to my ears!


Introduction to Science

Our class has officially added science into our school day!  The theme this week is seeds.  Last Friday, our class took the chance to get outside and collect some seeds around the school and church.  We will use our findings to learn more about seeds this week.  God created each plant so differently!  It was exciting to see the students notice these differences and take in all the beauty God has created!

As time allowed, students enjoyed THREE activities today to help them learn about seeds!  Our art project used seeds to add detail to flowers.

A colorful garden of flowers!

We discussed everything seeds need to start growing.  What will happen if we take away some of those factors?  For our first experiment, we put a green bean seed in plaster of paris.  The students hypothesized about what would happen…we will see soon!


Plaster of paris was very sloppy, but got hard. What will happen to the bean seeds inside?

For the final project of the day, we are going to see what will happen to bean seeds when they don’t have any soil to help them grow.  The students carefully placed a wet napkin with 3 bean seeds inside a baggie.  We sealed them up and are anxiously awaiting the results of our experiment. Two bags are in our classroom, the rest are proudly displayed in the lobby.  Stop by and check out our work!

What will happen to our beans?  Will they grow?  We will find out soon!

What will happen to our beans? Will they grow? We will find out soon!


Spelling Words and Memory Verse

First Grade spelling words for the week are as follows:

  1. the
  2. of
  3. and
  4. a
  5. cat
  6. mat
  7. sat
  8. hat
  9. God
  10. Lord

The spelling test will be FRIDAY!  Please practice at home with your student.

The Memory Verse for the week is:

I will be glad and exult in You.  Psalm 9:2

Memory verses will be tested on Friday.  The students have a Memory Verse Punch Card.  Every punch on the card gets them closer to earning a prize from the PRIZE BOX!  Study up!!